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                Our Mission 

Making a difference in the lives of others through serving & giving. 

It Takes A Village Commnity Restoration Project

What is ITAV?

ITAV is all about making our community great again but helping others.   W2W along with voluneers, contractors, handymen/women you name it to do small much needed home repair projects on a quarterly basis to make our community great again.   

How do you qualify?

Or goal is to do only small projects less than $1,000 as well as can be completed within  a four hour window during our quarterly service day on Saturdays from 8am-12pm.  Qualifying is simple.

  • You have the need
  • Fill out the application (online)
  • Submit the application
  • Allow us access for site walk thru to access and discuss need and cost, volunteers, materials etc.
  • Be readily available during service window 8am-12pm and on service day. 
  • Please understand that we are taking request on first come first serve basis.  If your project is not completed during our first service day we will look to partner during at a later date and time. 

How can you help?

  • Volunteer to service
  • Recruit your neighbors, friends, businesses to support the visio by donating supplies, funds, time and talents.  Service dates are March 31st, June 22nd,  September 22d, December 22nd. 
  • Register online for services 
  • Donate, donate, donate

It Takes A Village Restoration Request Form

Please complete form in it's entirety


We can't do anything without our volunteers so help us help others by serving. Contact our office or sign up below.      https://www.trackitforward.com/site/will2way-foundation-inc

Will2Way Foundation Inc.


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Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals by providing scholarships for deserving young ladies, our quest to continue feed and provide for the disadvantaged and fund our Homeward Bound project to send our homeless family home to their families. 

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Ways to Support

H&R Block

Yes it's tax season and you can get your taxes done and support our cause.  While in any H&R Block location provide them this number and Will2Way will receive $20.  It's really that simple.  

Nonprofit Referral ID – for office use only 40010001097198.

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Click on the link below every dollar that you spend W2W will get a percentange from Amazon. It's that simple. Every dime makes a dollar and every donation makes a difference.


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You kow you're going to shop anyway why not support the cause too.  Just go online and add our code (34997) to your Kroger card for every dollar spent a percentage of the proceeds are donated to Will2Way Foundation.


Go to our PayPal and donate using our email address @ will2wayfoundation@gmail.com.

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Join us on the mission to change the world by serving others.  Become a member. For details email us at info@will2wayfoundation.org.

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W2W t-shirt all proceeds go toward our community service, feedings, mentees and mission trips. Choose your color and size.  Any size XXL and up will be add'l $5. 

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It takes a village mug $15

All donations to ITAV are allocated to our  mission to restore our community by serving those that are in need of small projects around at their homes with no cost to them.  All items donated and services volunteered. 

Hygiene 4 Hope mug $15

All donations to H4H are allocated to our global mission to provide toiletries to orphanges in Jamaica, Haiti, Africa. 

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W2W mug all proceeds go toward our community service, feedings, mentees and mission trips.  

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About Us

Our Team

Our team is second to none. Together we have served over 40,000 people in 2017 alone through mentoring and community service taking our local imprint and making a global impact. 

Our History

We started as a group of individuals that wanted to encourage each other to walk/run by any means necessary to just finish.  We saw the need to help our community through serving, mentoring and making a difference in the world. Together we have mentored over 49 young ladies and served over 40,000 people worldwide. Proving a few people can change the world.

Our Vision

At Will2Way Foundation, Inc. Our mission to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost. We work with those in need, underprivileged, and under served to rebuild and restructure. Our focus lies in community effort which includes mentoring our young girls (ages 12-18) and equipping them with the tools that they need to succeed in life. We encourage them to live their lives on purpose, walk in their greatness, respect themselves and insure that others respect them as well. Additionally, we help the homeless and less fortunate through weekly meals, caring, giving, and sharing. This personal interaction and earnest spirit supports our mission to make the world a better place through giving of ourselves by helping others.