Will2Way Foundation Inc.


To identify and serve the basic needs of the most vulnerable individuals and families in our community. 

Will2Way Foundation Inc.


To identify and serve the basic needs of the most vulnerable individuals and families in our community. 

2018 Year end Review


Year end review

Served 117,884 people worldwide

Volunteer hours: 2,914

Travel Miles  12,145.12

14 States & 3 Countries

Sponsored  4 classrooms in PR and USVI

Held 3 fundraisers

Donated $15,000 in goods and services 

lunch of love

What is L.O.L?

Monthly we provide/deliver free lunch all over Bartow County to anyone that request lunch.  This includes all of the local group homes and homeless, shelters, individuals and families insuring that everyone gets a hot nutritious meal cooked and served with love. 

How can you help?

Donations are always great and help us serve over 400 people monthly.  Also we are always looking for volunteers to help us prep food and deliver. 

Where are we located?

We prep and serve at the Cartersville Chamber of Commerce the 1st Saturday of every month 9:30am-1pm. It's a great way to give back and help stop hunger in your community. 

Ways to support the vision H&R Block

Granting dreams one wish at a time

What is 3Wishes?

3Wishes is a ministry of Will2Way Foundation. It is our goal to always support those in their time of need. What better way than affording those that are/have been diagnosed, faced a traumatic accident or a recent death of a loved one. Our ministry will extend 3 Wishes 

How it works? Request can be made via our FB page or website @will2wayfoundation.org with a write up on what adversity/challenge is the person or caregiver faced. We will also need permission to interview and run ad on our social media outlets as well as local and national news to spread the word and grant the wish(es). Each request will be reviewed by our board and while it is our goal to grant all three but, due to funding limitations we guarantee to grant at least one of the wishes listed. Each month no later than the 10th our “Dream Makers” will contact the recipient to inform them that one of their wishes will be granted (the granted wish will be a surprise until the day of). The wish will then be granted with 30-60 days once recipient has been notified. All documentation must be filled out completely and correctly and returned to us promptly so that we can make the magic happen. 

What can you wish? Wishes can be anything from “never attended my high school prom”, 5-Star dinning, always wanted a maid to clean, beach vacation, cruise, renew wedding vows, get married, attend concert of favorite singer, sporting event, need a ramp built, beautify garden, you name it. 

Who qualifies? Diagnosed with life changing illness, Cancer, Lupus, Diabetes, MS, loss of a loved one (close relative) mother, father, sister, brother, child, spouse, care-giver to someone that has a life changing illness. Must be at least 18 years or older.  Must sign waiver and allow us to make a video for social media, and other media outlets. Recipient or caregiver must agree to tell the story with or without facial recognition.  Must provide all necessary documentation within 15 days of being contacted by our Dream Team. 


3 Wishes Form

Tell us your story


Please note that while it is our desire to provide all three wishes due to funding, time restraint or availability we may only be able to commit to grant at least one wish of our choice. 

*Each recipient  is required to do a short video to tell their story (with or without facial recognition).* 

*Each recipient must agree to background check for all intense and purposes to insure that stories corroborate with our mission.*

*Each story will be shared on our website and social media platforms.*   

Will2Way Foundation Inc.

224 Celebration Lane, Acworth, Georgia 30102, United States



Adopt A Brick Campaign


Sow into the vision

We know it's often hard to just give money and you don't feel as though it's going anywhere well here's a different way to sow.  As many of you may know our vision is to open transitional housing for those in need of shelter.  You can do your part by purchasing a brick as part of laying the foundation for everyone that walks through our doors. Your brick can have words of encouragment, in memory of, your busines name, childrens name, family name it's all up to you.  Each brick purchase leaves a legacy and insures the people we serve know without a shadow of a doubt that their community stands with them. BE the light unto someone's pathway. 


How do you order?

It's simple go to our online portal complete the form, submit your payment and your brick will come directly to our office.  Once we are ready to proceed with our building we will have everyone that purchased a brick to take a picture along side their brick as apart of our wall of fame.


Link to our portal

Complete the form

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals by providing scholarships for deserving young ladies, our quest to continue feed and provide for the disadvantaged and fund our Homeward Bound project to send our homeless family home to their families. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Ways to Support

Amazon Smile


Click on the link below every dollar that you spend W2W will get a percentange from Amazon. It's that simple. Every dime makes a dollar and every donation makes a difference.


Kroger Plus Card


You kow you're going to shop anyway why not support the cause too.  Just go online and add our code (34997) to your Kroger card for every dollar spent a percentage of the proceeds are donated to Will2Way Foundation.



Go to our PayPal and donate using our email address @ will2wayfoundation@gmail.com.

Become A Member


Join us on the mission to change the world by serving others.  Become a member. For details email us @ will2wayfoundation@gmail.com

Ways to serve

Contact our office


Contact our office to volunteer with us for Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  W2W works concessions for all events, soccer, football, concerts etc. 

About Us

Our Team

Our team is second to none. Working  Together we have served over 101,219 world wide in 26 states,  7 countries and 3 disaster missions through mentoring and community service we are taking our local imprint and making a global impact.  

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Our History

We started as a group of individuals that wanted to encourage each other to walk/run by any means necessary to just finish.  We saw the need to help our community through serving, mentoring and making a difference in the world. Together we have mentored over 23 young ladies and served over 101,219 people worldwide. Proving a few people can change the world.

Our Vision

Offer a place of hope and new beginnings to eradicate homelessness. We do this by offering a safe haven and providing the necessary tools through education, mental wellness, career pathway and financial stability to thrive ,grow and live.  Our goal is to open a long term transitional housing facility geared towards encompassing everyone (some exceptions to apply). We will not turn away non-traditional families or individuals with older male children because of his age.  We are about keeping that family WHOLE. As the family prospers so does our city, community and our world. Our facility will be like none other in NW GA being the only long term (18-24 month) facility of it's kind.  The facility will give families a chance to get their lives back on track and enough time to do so.